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Bronwyn Silk is an alternative chill-pop singer/songwriter from Wisconsin. She writes introspective lyrics to explore the many depths of love, mental illness, and human-error. In the beginning steps of her career, Bronwyn debuted on “Hate Your Rules”, a collaboration with CRWN that reached over one million streams.

Growing up Bronwyn had a lot of independence, so she would spend the days creating videos of herself singing, which developed into a natural flair for writing short songs and poems.


In the summer of 2018, Bronwyn dropped out of her first year of college and drove across the states to California. Bronwyn was living place to place while on a journey to find confidence in her talents and sense of self. As a result, Bronwyn debuted on a collaboration with CRWN which reached over a million streams in September 2018. In January 2019, Bronwyn’s single “Right Now” made it’s way around Soundcloud with twenty-two thousand streams. Most recently, Bronwyn Silk’s single, “Nobody Likes You”, continues to climb the latter, and has landed its way on larger playlists such as ‘Pop Discovery 2019’. With the everlasting passion for music, Bronwyn is currently working on independent projects and is open to collaboration with other industry workers. 


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Nobody Likes You

Bronwyn Silk

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Bronwyn Silk


Hate Your Rules

Bronwyn Silk x CRWN

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Scared of Love

Bronwyn Silk


Right Now

Bronwyn Silk